Frequently asked......

Are you a GLUTEN FREE Friendly Bakery & Cafe?

 We are a GLUTEN FREE FRIENDLY Bakery & Cafe. We won TOP 10 GF Bakery and Restaurant for 2018. We care about our Customers and we take Precautions to avoid Cross Contamination. 

What Precautions do you take to avoid cross contamination?

 We have a seperate prep room, ovens, toasters, utensils, mixers and bowls and we do not bake gluten free and regular at the same time. We also serve GF Breakfast and Lunch. We have seperate fryers, toasters and utensils for preparing food. 

Do you use SOY?

We make every attempt to avoid Soy, We do not use Vegetable oil, we use canola. We also do not use cooking sprays that contain Soy. Our Vegan butters and dairy ingredients do not contain soy either. We recognize that some of our customers are highly sensitive to soy and if we are told of this allergy up front, we take extra care to make sure any other ingredients used in our facilty are soy free. 

Are you NUT FREE?

We are not 100% nut free. We have a seperate room that we prepare our allergy free desserts in, including our cake pops. NONE of our Cake Pops contain any nuts because our Cake Pops are geared towards KIDS and we are aware that many kids have NUT ALLERGIES. Our Cake Pops are perfect for Kid's Classroom Celebrations. We provide a PEANUT / NUT FREE label so they meet Schools SAFE SNACK list.  We also CLEARLY LABEL ANY Bakery or Cafe ITEMS THAT CONTAIN NUTS. 

How much time do you need for a Custom Order?

We ask for at least 1 weeks' notice but we realize that sometimes life happens and we cant plan accordingly. We ask that you contact us immediately either via email ( or call us 602.978.2479 - Option 2) to see if we are able to accomodate your order.

Do you make Breads?

At this time, we only make the following breads:

Gluten Free Sandwich Breads

Gluten Free Pull Apart Rolls

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

Gluten Free Biscuits

Vegan Bread

Vegan Pull Apart Rolls

Keto Bread

Keto Cloud Buns

Keto Bagels